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Posted On: 2018-05-31 14:50:29 ; Read: 26 time(s)

Tamron  an integrated manufacturer of optical product and a leader in the security market, proudly announced today to release the development of the Model M13VG850IR, a 1/2.7", 8-50mm, F/1.6 tele-photo Vari-Focal lens compatible with 3 mega-pixels with high-image quality in the full visible and near-IR spectrums Development Concept

Imaging sensors have increased in pixel density following the need for higher quality images in the security market. Mega-pixel cameras are also being used more commonly for monitoring at night time. Tamron has released the Model M13VG850IR (1/2.7" 8-50mm, F/1.6), which covers frequently used focal ranges, as the telephoto type model of the Tamron mega-pixel NIR series. The model offers ultra-high resolutions of 3 mega-pixels, and can be used under near-IR light conditions without any degradation in performance. The new lens can be used in conjunction with the standard lens Model M13VM288IR / Model M13VG288IR released last year.

Source was taken from Tamron

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