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Panasonic 360° Camera Stands Up to Third Degree

Posted On: 2018-05-30 10:55:33 ; Read: 70 time(s)

You know the old adage, “When it rains it pours”? There seems to be a plethora of 360⁰ cameras in the CCTV market to-day, but that’s a good thing. Competition and innovation drive the market and result in better cameras for everyone. The WV-SFV481 is one of Panasonic‘s offerings in the panoramic view camera market. The company has several models in its 360⁰ series offerings with the WV-SFV480 and the WV-SFV481 being the newest entries in the i-PRO ULTRA 360 class.Building on previous models, the WV-SFV480 (indoor) and WV-SFV481 (outdoor) cameras both have a 12-megapixel (MP) imager that, when incorporated with the integral fisheye lens, produces a 9MP maximum usable image. Both models are designed to provide maximum coverage of a location/area from a single lens assembly via their wide angle lens. Both cameras are designed to provide 180⁰ viewing across the vertical and horizontal planes from the camera’s single lens. This multiviewing angle capability provides the user with several viewing options, which can reduce the number of cameras required to cover a wide area. I have previously noted the advantage of this technology versus the older wide-angle cameras that only provide a 180⁰ panoramic view via three-four camera assemblies in a single housing. Those camera views often don’t match up well due to alignment issues with the different imagers in the assembly and can’t provide varied multiviews like the Panasonic cameras can.

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