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Posted On: 2018-03-19 21:05:39 ; Read: 136 time(s)

State will spend Rs 150 crore to ensure there is ‘one CCTV camera every 100 metres on city’s main roads’. Surveillance and response will take place from a unified control room

You can run but you can’t hide – that seems to be the message the state government is sending out to trouble-makers. The Home department has given its nod to install 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras across all arterial and sub-arterial routes, aimed at preventing crime and for better traffic management. In fact, the objective is to have one camera every 100 metres in the next three months, at an estimated cost of Rs150 crore.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will be in charge of the maintenance of these cameras while the city police will have access to them for keeping the city under a tight surveillance net.
Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy told Mirror: “The project has been taken up in order to ensure law and order in the city. This will help the police with cases; also, it will prevent crimes in public places.”

An initial round of meetings was held recently in this regard between the Bangalore City Police and the BBMP.

BBMP Chief N Manjunath Prasad confirmed that the Home department wanted to have “one security camera for every 100 metres, covering a total road length of
14,000 km in the city”.

Prasad said the security cameras will have its feed transmitted to a central monitoring unit at the unified BBMP control room which will be a unified emergency
response centre manned by personnel from the BBMP, police, health, fire and other emergency services. These agencies will respond and dispatch help for any emergency on the basis of the feed received from these security cameras.

“The BBMP will only install and maintain the devices, but it will be the police who will monitor the feed from the centralised cell,” added Prasad.

The project is part of the ‘Safe City’ scheme of the Home department with the local urban body in charge of its implementation. The BBMP is expected to submit a detailed report on the implementation and technical feasibility and requirements to the government after parleys with other stakeholders in the coming days. The placement and specification of security cameras will be finalised based on the recommendation of the city police.

Commissioner of Police T Suneel Kumar told Mirror: “We will submit a report to the BBMP on our requirements and specifications for the cameras. Apart from crime prevention and detection, these cameras will also help us in cracking complicated cases. Our internal surveys have confirmed that CCTVs have a direct role in bringing down crime in the city.”

Public Safety Bill

The state government is also pushing its new bill called the ‘Public Safety Bill’ that makes it mandatory for all major commercial establishments including shopping malls and jewellery outlets, to install CCTV cameras. Educational institutions are also expected to be covered under its ambit.

“Each corporator, as of now, gets Rs10 lakh grant for the installation of CCTV cameras. This will now be increased to Rs18-20 lakh so that the expected number of CCTV cameras can be installed,” said Reddy.

The state government in January 2016 had announced that it was going for additional security cameras in the city after BM’s report on the multiple molestations that took place on New Year’s Eve on city’s streets.

As of now, there are around five lakh security cameras in the city, claimed a BBMP official. However, there is also apprehension on the final outcome of the ambitious project. Appaji Gowda, a city-based lawyer, said the agencies always excel at making plans but falter in implementation.

“Having CCTVs covering the entire city will have its advantages but traditional policing and an effective criminal justice system has its own advantages when it comes to keeping crime under control in the city,” he added.



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